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Lacuna Botanicals

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In case you’re new to Lacuna Botanicals or CBD, below is a brief introduction to get you started.

About Lacuna Botanicals:

We got our start back in 2015 just after the 2014 Farm Bill passed. Our love of the outdoors was the inspiration for our brand.   Whether playing hard in the mountains or working hard in the cities, our bodies take a beating everyday. From pain, inflammation, and dry skin to stress, anxiety and everything in between we all experience problems that hold us back from living life to its fullest.   Like most people, we tried the synthetic and petroleum based products that have flooded the market today with most of them never quite getting the job done. We made it our mission to turn instead to nature’s incredible botanical gifts and handcraft them into practical everyday life tools. Filling the void “Lacuna” where traditional Big Pharma solutions fell short. Our philosophy is to tap into the broad spectrum of botanicals rather than just narrowly focus on Cannabinoids like CBD. Other tools such as essential oils and terpenes have also been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years. From the hemp we grow ourselves to the dozens of other botanicals, we meticulously seek out the highest quality ingredients from across the globe. At Lacuna, we are science driven with an obsession for results.

About Hemp and CBD:

The history of hemp and humanity is ancient and incredibly fascinating.  The 2014 Farm Bill was a monumental leap forward for everyone. It paved the way for hemp to once again take it’s rightful place alongside humanity just as it has been for thousands of years up until we foolishly maligned and abandoned it around the time of prohibition in America. In fact, the history of hemp pre-dates the settling of America,  the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and even written history. It is estimated to go back almost 10,000 years where it was used for fiber and medicine.  Hemp is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We highly encourage anyone interested in Hemp/CBD to do some reading to gain a clearer understanding of hemp’s glorious history and also its welcomed resurgence. CBD and other Cannabinoids in hemp are quickly coming into the spotlight for the incredible potential health benefits they offer.   With modern science, researchers are just scratching the surface of hemp’s full potential. Give our products a try…we know you’re going to love them!