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CBD Oils / Elixirs

Our CBD Oils are unique blends of Pure CBD, MCT Coconut Oil, Vitamin-E, and Terpenes. Pure, simple and effective. Terpenes contribute heavily to the effects of a CBD Oil.  The way in which the individual plant compounds work together is known as the entourage effect.   Traditional full spectrum CBD oils on the market today do not account consistently for terpenes.  This allows for inconsistency in the effects of the oil.  It's a little like throwing a dart at a dart board and hoping for the best.

We do not leave terpene characteristics to chance.  To make our CBD Oils consistent and maximize their effects, we've created three unique terpene blends (Terpene Profiles) based on carefully selected individual terpenes.  Each of our three terpene profiles was designed for specific characteristics.

Aside from our custom terpene profiles, we've also designed our CBD oils in a range of strengths to give people flexibility based on their individual needs and goals.

THC Free.  All Lacuna CBD Oils are designed to be THC free.   Most traditional full spectrum CBD oils contain some amount of THC.  For many people, THC is not viable because of drug testing, career requirements or simply personal preference.

Note on CBD Strengths and Labels:  We clearly indicate actual CBD content on all of our product labels.   Unfortunately, it is common practice for many CBD Oils on the market to only state the amount of "Hemp Extract" in milligrams (mg).  We find this to be a vague and often deceitful practice.  This is because the term "Hemp Extract" doesn't specify actual CBD content or whether the oil was extracted from Hemp flowers or seeds or stalks.  This makes a BIG difference in actual CBD content.  If an oil was extracted only from seeds and stalks, it will contain little to no CBD.   CBD and other cannabinoids are primarily concentrated in hemp flowers so CBD Oil is best extracted from flowers not seeds and stalks.  Even the CBD content in flowers will vary dramatically among different varieties of hemp.  A simple rule of thumb in selecting CBD products is to look for ones that clearly specify CBD content not just "Hemp Extract" content.

Pick Your Terpene Profile

Terpene Profile   CBD Oil Characteristics Blended for: 
Daily Restore   Anti-Stress and Anxiety.  Daytime or Nighttime Use.
Energy & Focus  Uplifting and Increased Focus. Daytime Use.
Night Relief   Promote Restful, Restorative Sleep. Nighttime Use.


Pick Your CBD Strength

Strength per 1ml Serving  per 2oz/60ml (60 servings)  Commonly Used to Help With:
1X 8.3mg 500mg Proactive CBD benefits, minor infrequent pain
2X 16.6mg 1000mg Occasional light pain and inflammation
3X 25mg 1500mg Daily moderate pain and inflammation
6X 50mg 3000mg Chronic severe pain and inflammation. Chronic illnesses. Maximum strength. 




Daily Restore CBD Oil is designed to provide all the benefits of CBD and incorporates a calming terpene profile to help reduce the stress and anxiety of an active everyday lifestyle, demanding career or challenging physical training.  Daily Restore is available in four strengths to meet your specific needs (see table below). Stress and anxiety are often intertwined with pain and...


A good night's sleep makes a big difference in how well we function all day. Unfortunately, it's not always as easy as that. Our Night Relief CBD Oil is designed to provide all the benefits of CBD and incorporates a calming and relaxing terpene profile to help us wind down, quiet the mind and get a good night's sleep.  Night Relief may...


Whether it's tough physical activity, sports or keeping up with a demanding career, energy and focus are key elements of success.  Life throws a lot at us and often all at once.  Being able to focus and stay on top of the important aspects is a common challenge. Our Energy & Focus CBD Oil is designed to provide all the benefits...