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CBD Products Specifically Designed for Horses

Like people and other mammals, horses also have an Endocannabinoid system that helps manage many of the systems in their body.   The physical demands of training and competition often lead to muscle and joint pain as well as mental stress and anxiety.   These are all areas where CBD has been shown to be effective and beneficial in humans and is quickly gaining popularity for horses.

To develop our equestrian products, we worked with professional riders, trainers, vets and chiropractors.    They came to us with specific requirements such as the need to get a CBD pain relief topical that would absorb through the horse's coat and down to muscles and joints.  They also wanted a pure CBD solution that was completely THC free so full spectrum hemp extract was not an option.   With their input, we've created a liniment oil which is applied topically and are set too release a new CBD Oil this month which can be added to grain or feed.

Please be patient while we add the new equine products to the website.  If you'd like to order now please send an email to or call us at 1.844.568.8801 to place your order.

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